Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Whoopi Goldberg by Anni Leibovitz

Whoopi Goldberg: I've Got Milk!

Whoopi Goldberg: Photography by Annie Leibovitz


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Queen Elizabeth: By Annie Leibovitz

Queen Elizabeth: Photography by Annie Leibovitz

The atmospheric picture of Queen Elizabeth taken by Anne Leibovitz in the opulent White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace. The Queen’s pale gold brocade dress, white fur stole and magnificent collection of jewellery emphasise her status, the diamond tiara was a wedding present for her grandmother, Queen Mary, while her pearl drop earrings were given to Queen Victoria when she was 19.

The way in which she gazes wistfully out of the window across the palace gardens, however, hints at a gentler, more fallible side. That essence of humanity is emphasized by the atmospheric lighting and storm clouds gathering outside. Of her photograph, which was commissioned to mark the Queen’s upcoming six-day trip to the United States, Leibovitz stated, "I feel like it’s a documentation and wanted to take a very simple portrait."
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Music and Life: But You Were Supposed to Sing

But You Were Supposed to Sing

(Click Image for Flash Animation)

Matt Stone and Trey Parker made this flash animation about "Music and Life," which is based upon the thoughts of Alan Watts. The recognition of our mortality is the most important part of life, and one that we are driven to overlook or deny. However, the greater the extent to which we are able to entertain the sense of our mortality, the more plentiful are our possibilities for deciding how to live.

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